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Dedicated to helping you provide a secure future for your most valuable asset - your loved ones.
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Baton Rouge Estate Planning Attorney

The Benefits Of Developing An Estate Plan - Call (888) 388-2776

Estate planning provides you and your family with the peace of mind and security that comes with having a well-executed plan for the unexpected. While this is often used as preparation for your passing, it may also be used to provide for a situation in which you are incapacitated and unable to execute decisions regarding your own care, that of your children, or your assets. Estate planning is for individuals and families of any income bracket and can be accomplished with the help of a legal representative.

Work With My Firm To Protect Your Goals

My firm, the Law Office of Wendra J. Moran, will take the time to educate you on these vital matters so that you can make informed decisions. Together we can construct a legal strategy to support and protect your goals and provide for your loved ones. Without the required valid documents in place, you will have no way of seeing that your intentions are carried out and the court will decide these matters instead.

Ensuring your spouse, children, or others of your choosing are not prevented from being your benefactors requires a thorough understanding of estate planning and probate law. Assets can be preserved and allowances made for special circumstances such as a disabled loved one or an alien spouse. The amount of complexity which can arise in these areas demands the attention of a knowledgeable legal professional. With sound legal advice, you can have control over these important matters and can provide for your loved ones well into the future.

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I offer services on a flat-fee basis, so your estate plan can be high-quality and affordable.

Estate Planning Topics & Information

When you are looking for legal assistance to guide you through the estate planning process in Baton Rouge, you should not hesitate to seek the services provided at my firm. From protection of your assets to the distribution of them, there is nothing I am unwilling to take on when it comes to the matters encompassed in estate planning and probate law.

As such, you can turn to my law offices for help with:

When you are in need of a strong attorney to guide you through your experiences within the law, you can turn to my firm with confidence that you will receive the help you need and deserve. I have even taken the steps necessary to ensure that I am also able to assist you in the event that other legal matters arise which are related to the estate planning and probate issues for which you originally sought legal assistance.

As you proceed through the legal process of dealing with your estate planning matters, it is not uncommon for other legal issues to manifest as well, and these are often directly related to the legal branch of family law. Therefore, my services are extended to those in need of a reliable family lawyer to help with matrimonial agreements such as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well as settlement agreements during a divorce.

Personal Attention & Insightful Legal Advice

Estate planning and probate law is incredibly complex and Louisiana law contains many differences to the norm, for example, in the matters of blended families (usufruct), forced heirship law and more. Professional legal advice is vital and my firm provides our services for a flat fee (litigation costs and some filing fees are not included in this fee). Your estate planning needs are not run of the mill. Your legal documents providing for your loved ones shouldn't be either. Needs may change throughout the years and a discussion of how those changes must guide your immediate planning is part of my approach to meeting your specific estate planning needs.

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