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Estate Planning & Veterans Benefits in Baton Rouge, LA

Veterans Benefits for Surviving Spouses - Call (225) 228-4445

Those who have served our country during wartime are entitled to financial benefits from the Veterans Administration, and this benefit also extends to the spouse of a deceased veteran. A large percentage of eligible veterans do not claim the available funds, but if your active-duty service meets certain criteria, you can make a claim for aid and assistance. If you are the spouse of a veteran who has recently passed away, you should take the necessary steps to make sure that you continue to receive the maximum benefit.

My name is Wendra J. Moran, and I am proud to represent service members and their loved ones with strong, compassionate counsel at a flat-fee rate.

One of the criteria for qualification is based on your income and net worth, and it is vital to properly present your financial situation in the application so that your request is not denied. The amount of VA benefit you will be paid depends on the budget that is currently available to the government for this purpose, but the figure is normally around $2,000 per month for a married veteran and $1,000 per month for the widowed spouse of a veteran.

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Asserting Your Right to Veterans Benefits in Louisiana

If you need assistance with daily chores and housekeeping, or if you need income to help you during your retirement, it is important to find out if you qualify for benefits. You may be able to channel some of the funds you receive into a trust with lower tax rates, for later distribution of assets to your heirs. An attorney who is familiar with the rules regarding VA benefits can help you establish this method of asset protection.

The laws regarding VA benefits and trusts can be difficult to navigate, and it is important to avoid incurring legal penalties for an improper use of funds. With the right legal counsel, however, you can skillfully protect your rights and claim the benefits you are owed. Don’t waste time: Learn if you are eligible today! Get the help you need from the estate planning lawyer in Baton Rouge from my firm.

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