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Flat Fee Representation

Why flat fees?

Traditionally, attorneys charge fees based on the amount of time it takes to complete the work, and some of my legal matters are based on hourly billing. However, estate planning is a unique field of law and does not readily lend itself to traditional hourly billing. I think it is important for my clients to know the monetary value of the services I provide from the beginning. As a result, all my fees are a flat rate rather than based on an hourly fee. In order to customize your estate plan we must feel free to discuss all of your needs without the limitation of hourly fees.

  • My clients don't need to worry about "how much time" I am putting into one of their most valuable investments. Instead, my clients understand I am putting quality work, regardless of the time it takes, into protecting their assets.
  • My clients know the total cost up front, which enables them to determine prior to retaining my services whether or not they can afford the services and to budget for the attorney's fees and costs.
  • My clients are encouraged to communicate freely with me. Often in an hourly billing situation a client may hesitate to provide information because they understand that under hourly billings "time is the attorney's money."
  • My clients aren't surprised by a large fee at the end of the process because fees are negotiated and agreed upon before any work begins.

How is the flat-fee determined?

On a case-by-case basis: Your needs and wishes are specific to your unique circumstances. After we discuss your concerns, without any time constraints that would occur because we were looking at the clock, we decide how your needs will best be met. The information I gather during our conversation gives me the tools to evaluate the scope of your needs and propose various strategies for protecting your loved ones.

When a client decides they are interested in beginning the process of protecting their loved ones and financial assets, I provide them with an engagement letter, which includes a fee agreement. My fee agreement is a fixed fee rate that specifically identifies the needs and wishes the client and I are addressing and the fees due for addressing those issues.

Estate planning is a unique field of law and does not readily lend itself to traditional hourly billing. Accordingly, my fee is based on an adjusted hourly rate. I adjust my time and rates by several factors, including difficulty, competition, size and complexity of my client's need, results, the novelty and complexity of the issues involved, the time constraints imposed, the nature and longevity of my relationship with my client, and the extent that my procedures and systems have efficiently produced a high quality product. My fee includes all my time for the matter, as well as all anticipated fees. There are no hidden charges. In addition, my clients receive the piece of mind that they are receiving quality service, without time constraints.

My work begins after receiving a signed copy of the engagement letter and agreed upon initial fee. Typically, that amount is half of the total fee agreement. Since my work begins only after receiving an initial fee, my clients are not expected to share the cost of unpaid services with other clients. This practice allows me to keep my flat fees lower for every client.

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