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Power of Attorney in Louisiana

Medical & Financial Powers of Attorney - Call (225) 228-4445

Power of attorney is a major feature of any comprehensive estate planning undertaking. If you are engaged in writing a will, it is important to understand this legal concept and how it will affect your estate and your heirs or legatees. State law allows you to appoint another person as your attorney-in-fact and to stipulate the conditions under which that person can exercise power of attorney, and to what extent.

At my firm, the Law Office of Wendra J. Moran, I deliver strong and compassionate counsel for complex issues such as powers of attorney, all at a flat-fee rate.

Who should have power of attorney rights? If you are considering who to choose to have the responsibility of power to attorney rights, remember that it needs to be someone whom you trust, as well as someone who is gifted in administrative and financial duties. Just because someone is a close relative does not mean that they will be able to handle these responsibilities. Also, remember that you can assign specific responsibilities to different individuals.

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Medical & Financial Powers of Attorney

Financial Power of AttorneyBy choosing someone you know, whether a family member or a friend, to invest with medical power of attorney, you authorize that person to make decisions regarding your health care in situations where you have been rendered incapable of voicing your wishes due to grave illness or injury. Many people in our state appoint a medical attorney-in-fact along with making a living will declaration, to prevent the possibility of forcing their loved ones to make difficult choices having to do with extreme medical intervention to keep the patient alive.

Financial power of attorney pertains to decisions regarding your estate, which will most likely arise after your death. It will be necessary for whoever has this authority to write checks for items such as funeral costs and other expenses, as well as assist in the distribution of assets according to your wishes.

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