Meet Attorney Moran "Protecting my clients and their families is the most important thing to me." - Wendra Moran

Attorney Profile

Wendra J. Moran

Wendra J. Moran, a graduate of the Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center, began her law practice in Baton Rouge with the broad vision of helping others within the community. That broad vision became focused through her volunteer experience with a local hospice organization where she realized the importance of properly prepared wills and trusts to ensure the financial stability and peace of mind of families, especially at the stressful time before and after the death of a loved one.

Through personal life experiences she has also realized the importance of special needs trusts, and has been able to utilize those personal experiences in helping others create plans to protect their special loved ones.

Wendra has been working the last several years with Baton Rouge families to provide diverse and individualized estate plans, taking into account each family's particular estate planning desires and needs, all the while utilizing her diverse life experiences in order to establish the best possible plans. She analyzes each client's situation from varying perspectives, including personal financial aspirations, tax implications, asset protection, estate and Medicaid planning. Her holistic approach ensures each client peace of mind that they are creating a comprehensive long-term plan and not a temporary solution to their needs.

In addition to assisting individuals with their estate planning needs, Attorney Moran also helps client with family law cases. She provides legal assistance for divorce, child custody, child support, guardianship, adoption and other legal matters related to family law.

She is a certified divorce and family law mediator, which means that she has fulfilled certain training and educational standards that have been established by the state for her legal practice area.

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  • 10 Years of Legal Experience

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