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Understanding Trusts in Louisiana

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A trust is a legal arrangement that facilitates the transfer of wealth from generation to generation, while avoiding many of the liabilities that accompany wills/testaments. If you have money or property that you want to leave to your family after you die, you may benefit from establishing a trust in your name, with your loved ones as the beneficiaries. The trust will make payments to the beneficiaries according to whatever directions you set forth in the document that governs the fund.

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In a trust, you are known as the settlor, a term used to describe the party who places funds or other assets in the trust. The fund is cared for by a trustee, who is commonly either another family member or a professional who specializes in trust administration. It is often wise to choose a Baton Rouge estate planning attorney or financial professional for the position, as one needs specialized knowledge on trusts to protect the assets from taxation or legal liabilities, as well as to oversee the growth of the fund.

Types of Trusts in Baton Rouge, LA

There are two primary types of trusts: an "inter vivos" trust becomes effective during the lifetime of the settlor, while a trust that only comes into existence upon the death of the settlor is known as a testamentary trust. Depending on your preference, you can establish an irrevocable trust, or a revocable living trust that will allow you to make changes to the terms you set for the trustee.

The Benefits of Creating a Trust

There are several major advantages to trusts, including the fact that it will not be subjected to a succession or probate before the distribution of assets, the details of your gifts will not go on the public record, and you can dictate a schedule of payments to your beneficiaries, reducing the risk of having the estate squandered after a lump-sum inheritance.

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