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A will or testament is a legal declaration which transfers ownership of an individual's property to one or more persons when he or she dies. Often people delay writing a will or testament because it is a morbid subject and not pleasant to think about. Everyone should have a will though, as it gives you a say in where your assets will go and who will be guardians to your children should you pass away.

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A good place to start would be making an inventory of your assets. Your assets include your investments, retirement plans, savings, insurance policies, real estate, and businesses. When putting together a will or estate plan, you should be mindful of state and federal laws governing this area as they can differ from state to state and change frequently. It is wise to discuss your will with your heirs, even though inheritance can be a touchy subject. Disclosing what your intentions are with regards to your assets upfront can help avoid conflicts after you are gone. It is definitely important to decide who will handle your financial affairs should you become incapacitated.

What Does an Executor of a Will Do?

An executor will either be appointed by the court or named in the will itself. They are usually a family member or could be a legal professional trusted by the creator of the will. It will be the executor's responsibility to distribute the deceased's assets according to their will as well as manage the property and assets until they are able to be distributed. In many cases, there will be taxes owed on the estate or bills that will come up, so it is also the executor's responsibility to make sure that these are paid. If the estate is in probate, they will be responsible for appearing at any court dates.

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