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Who Inherits What Through Succession in Louisiana?

Intestate succession will subject your loved ones to a complicated legal procedure when you pass away. If the deceased person did not leave a Last Will and Testament, the intestate succession process will determine how that person’s assets and property will be distributed. The state of Louisiana has numerous guidelines and regulations to determine who will inherit what. It does not generally concern itself with why someone would inherit an asset, other than their relation to the decedent.

The intestate process is inflexible and does not take into consideration many complexities that would affect how to fairly distribute a person’s assets. Do not leave this important process up to the government’s impersonal approach. Call me today for skilled representation. As a Baton Rouge intestate attorney, I provide strong guidance personal attention to each one of my clients.

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Inheritance Priority

Inheritance priority in most cases of succession is:

  • Children
  • Spouse
  • Parents
  • Siblings

While this priority chain might seem simple, it becomes quite complex if you pass away and had any combination of surviving children, parents, siblings, and a spouse. Oftentimes the state will split community property and separate property unevenly based on what it believes a family member’s right to the property would be, based on a legal concept called usufruct. In the event that you pass away and have no recognizable family members, the state will actually assume control of all your property in a succession process called “escheat” inheritance or control.

Do Not Leave Your Family’s Inheritance up to Chance

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