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Who takes care of the estate in a probate case?

A key part of the probate process is administering the estate of the deceased. Most Louisiana probate cases are divided into Succession Without Administration and Succession With Full Administration. Administration can be utilized in both kinds of successions, though it is not required in Succession Without Administration.

Probate administration can delay succession proceedings and create additional expenses. Minimizing the necessity of administration where possible keeps the succession running smoothly without unnecessary hassles. If you are involved in a Louisiana succession proceeding, ensure administration is properly and efficiently handled with legal guidance from an experienced Baton Rouge probate lawyer.

Let a Court Administrate the Estate

Frequently, the representative in a probate case administers the estate under court supervision. In these situations, the court oversees all steps of the administration process. This is a thorough process, but it is not always the fastest.

Some of the procedures a court supervises in the succession process include:

  • Dealing with sales, leases, and other contracts.
  • Filing inventory of estate assets.
  • Filing annual accounting.
  • Paying estate debts.

Administrating an Estate Without Court Supervision

An alternative to court-supervised administration in Louisiana is independent administration. Unless specified in a will, independent administration must be acquired through consent from all successors/inheritors. Independent administration can be performed without a supervising judge, which can cut out additional expenses from court proceedings.

Independent administration differs from court-supervised administration in several ways, including:

  • No requirement to post bonds (unless required by a will).
  • No permission needed for sale, lease, and other estate procedures.
  • Reduced publication costs.

Choose the Administration that Works in Your Probate Case

When possible, independent administrations offer less expense and potentially quicker succession case resolutions. While court-supervised administration is thorough, supervision of all steps in the case could prolong a case. Ensure the right choices are being made when administering the estate in your probate case.

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