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Probate Disputes

Contesting a Will Might Slow the Succession Process

A number of problems may arise during the process of estate administration. Whether details were not properly disclosed or disagreements arise over guardianships, the issues that arise while carrying out the declarations of a will are commonly known as probate disputes. The procedure of contesting a will and taking legal action to resolve probate disputes is known as probate litigation.

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If you are involved in administering an estate through a will, trust, or other legal document, one or more probate disputes may arise during the process. An improperly handled dispute may adversely affect the estate in a way that improperly reflects the wishes of the deceased. In probate litigation, it is important that the wishes of the deceased are respected, and your personal involvement in the probate procedure is not misrepresented.

Probate litigation may ensure several successes in the administration of an estate, including:

  • Arriving at mutually agreeable solutions among parties
  • Ensuring all parties benefit as the deceased declared in a will
  • Resolving liabilities in taxes
  • Securing maximum benefits from properties

In Louisiana, probate procedure is known as succession. Louisiana succession procedures vary depending on the particular probate situation. Like probate law in other states, succession intends to settle disputes and challenges in estate administrations. If you have questions about a succession you are involved in or may become involved in, speak with a Baton Rouge probate attorney to learn more about probate litigation.

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A probate dispute does not have to prolong the administration of an estate and bring additional costs to the parties involved. At my firm, the Law Office of Wendra J. Moran, I have mediated issues in probate law for years, and am able to bring my knowledge and experience to guide my clients through difficult probate disputes. In matters of probate litigation and succession, it is important to be legally prepared.

Whether you are seeking solutions in an existing probate dispute or taking precautions in your estate planning, my legal guidance and insight may lend to your success. I operate on flat rate fees, so I am able to give my clients the full extent of my representation without the costly limitation of hourly fees.

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