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Probate Petitions

The Steps to Filing Probate Petitions in Louisiana - (225) 228-4445

Following the death of an individual, a person may file a "petition for possession," which is a pleading to open the estate of the deceased in a succession proceeding. In most circumstances, a petition for possession is necessary when opening an estate in a probate court. The process of preparing and carrying out the petition has several steps, each of which should be performed correctly to avoid delays.

Some of the steps involved in filing a probate petition in Louisiana include:

  • Accounting of all assets and liabilities
  • Preparing a list of heirs to the deceased
  • Paying any taxes due
  • Paying required procedure fees

When to File an Ex Parte Petition

In certain situations, you may be able to file an ex parte petition for possession in a succession case. With an ex parte petition, you could bring a succession court proceeding to a judge without representation or notification of other parties. In the right conditions, these petitions can hasten a succession case and reduce risks of procedure delays. Ex parte petitions may not always be available to a succession case, but it is important to explore all your options as you move forward.

Discuss Your Probate Case with an Experienced Attorney

When the administration of an estate cannot be resolved by the parties alone due to challenges of the will or other factors, petitioning for proceedings in a probate court may be the right choice in moving a succession case forward. It can be difficult to decide which steps to take in probate litigation. With the help of a skilled probate lawyer, you may be able to find a solution that secures all parties interests.

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