Why not use an online will?


Why Not Create an Online Will?

Each estate-planning client I visit with is unique. Every family has its own needs, wishes and goals to accomplish. As a result, each time I meet with a new client, we create a document that has not been drafted for another client. The last will and testament, the powers of attorney or the trust we form meet your family's special needs. Louisiana has specific guidelines for creating a Last Will and Testament that is valid AND after you pass, can be used in a court of law to ensure your loved ones are taken care of.

Recently, I read a post about a legal will someone found online, filled out, and then her family members, who were not named in the will, used the poorly drafted document to get some money. The problem is that Ann did not intend for her two nieces to get anything. I am sure she had her reasons. FlascBlog: The Florida Supreme Court Blog reports on the opinion (PDF).

Ann A. just wanted a simple will, and she truly believed she knew what she wanted. So, she filled out a form online. I am sure she did know what she wanted, most of my clients typically know what they want. The gap occurs when a non-lawyer tries to create a legal document, with legal consequences in plain English When a Louisiana Succession or Louisiana Probate is filed with the court, we want to make sure everyone is on the same page - literally. My job is to listen to your family's unique wishes and understand them so I can translate them into a valid legal document. Using an online form to fill in the blanks cannot do that. In addition, Louisiana Succession law has some specific requirements for a will to be valid and proved. It is vital that you consult with a Baton Rouge Estate Planning Attorney or a Louisiana Estate Planning Lawyer to create a will that creates the outcome you desire.