Attorney Wendra J. Moran Moves to New Office


My firm, The Law Office of Wendra J. Moran, has moved to a new, more comfortable office location in western Baton Rouge.

614 Europe Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

With the Interstate 10 to the south, the 110 to the east, the Mississippi River to the west, and Government Street just to the north, I believe this new location is well-situated in the city to better serve my clients. The Baton Rouge City Court and the East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court are also not far, and either court may become pertinent, depending on the circumstances of your estate planning or family law case.

Why Choose the Law office of Wendra J. Moran?

I am a Baton Rouge estate planning attorney who has become well-known for offering fair, flat fee representation to the people of my community. I do not want to hit you with any surprise charges at the end, so I take the time to understand your case and its needs before you sign any fee agreements. This way you know that you are getting honest legal counsel and not a lawyer who charges hourly fees and intentionally runs up the clock by working slowly.

More than anything else, I believe I should be your first choice of advocacy for estate planning and family law issues because I genuinely care about you and your family’s wellbeing. I may bring large firm capability to my cases but I keep things small firm when it comes to hospitality and personalized attention. As my client testimonials can attest, my priority is your best interests from the first day to the last of your legal proceeding.

Why not contact me, toll-free, at 225.228.4445 today and see what I can do for you? You’ll be glad you did, and I look forward to hearing from you.