What Goes into an Attorney’s Fee?


Legal representation may seem expensive to many people. However, the value of having a highly-trained and educated professional depends on the client’s needs.

In cases where the client needs a legal professional to promote their interests in litigation, the attorney occupies the role of advisor and advocate. As a result, litigation attorneys typically charge an hourly rate because the nature and extent of their work evolves as the case develops.

In cases where the client needs a legal counselor to help ensure that a valuable transaction goes smoothly in the future, the attorney acts as an advisor and skilled strategist. Accordingly, transactional attorneys may charge a flat fee because the necessary legal services are more predictable.

When it comes to estate planning and probate representation, clients of the Law Office of Wendra J. Moran benefit from quality legal services to minimize surprises and maximize results to protect their assets and the financial interests of their family and friends. Like other transactional matters, Attorney Wendra Moran’s services are reflected in a flat fee that represents her work with matters including document review, legal research, document drafting, and legal resources.

Document Review

In probate and estate planning matters, the goal is to protect the wealth you accumulated throughout the years. Without a comprehensive estate plan, clients can potentially lose thousands of dollars in the probate process. The nature and extent of an effective estate plan depends on the size of your estate in addition to your personal goals and needs.

Legal Research

Estate planning is as much a professional practice as it is an art form. On a fundamental level, estate planning attorneys focus on mapping out a path between their clients’ ultimate goals and their current circumstances.

Like a navigator charting a course for an important voyage, an estate planning attorney must have a comprehensive understanding of the topography between the journey’s origin and destination, factoring obstacles, advantages, hazards, and safe harbors. Like an experienced captain anticipating possible weather conditions, an estate planning attorney must account for future possibilities and contingencies to make sure they don’t interfere with your goals.

The estate planner’s map is comprised of statutes, regulations, legal laws, and the case law indicating both favorable and unfavorable outcomes on relevant issues where the letter of the law cannot provide certainty.

Attorney Wendra Moran applies the law to the facts and data she gathered from your documents and details you provide in consultations and communications. In some cases, the application of a particular law depends on certain assets. All elements of your estate plan, including contingency plans, will be supported by applicable legal authorities and strategies. This requires hours of meticulous planning, research, and creative thinking.

Document Drafting

All estate plans are comprised of various legal documents and instruments. While it would be easier and cheaper for an attorney to rely on boilerplate language and provisions, a good estate planning attorney understands that the unique needs of their clients require unique solutions.

Attorney Wendra Moran will take the time to make sure the terms, conditions, and details of the following documents will effectively promote your goals:

Depending on your specific needs, preparing, drafting, and reviewing the provisions of all components of your estate plan can take several hours. When it comes to preparing estate planning documents and strategies, a single typographical error can potentially reverse the meaning of a material provision. As a result, Wendra Moran must craft your estate plan with utter precision and scrupulous attention to detail.

Legal Resources

The work an estate planning attorney performs for their clients is resource-intensive. Legal treatises, case law reporters, subscription fees to comprehensive research databases are among the many tools an attorney relies on to perform their basic job duties. Estate planning attorneys also rely on practical resources related to financial issues that other attorneys seldom encounter, as well as tax materials and computer software.

Attorney Wendra Moran is the owner and operator of her own professional practice. As a result, a portion of her fees are reinvested back into the resources she regularly uses to benefit her clients.

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At the end of the day, an effective estate plan can save thousands of dollars for you and your beneficiaries when events develop as predicted and especially in unexpected scenarios. All the efforts mentioned above are included in the cost-effective flat rate from which Attorney Wendra Moran’s clients benefit. You and those you care about most can also reap the benefits of her hard work.

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